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It is time to present some basic guidelines for designing bi-folds. Please take note of them. Later this information will help you clearly understand the task to be undertaken by your professional designer:

1) Text

The text of the bi-folds performs different functions depending on the panel it is presented in. The front panel should display a catchy phrase, synthetic regarding what a company does, and should be able to spark the recipients’ curiosity. The two inner sides have to offer a coherent, well-organized synthetic content (by means of titles, subtitles, paragraphs, bullet points, etc.), so that people can easily read the brochure. The back panel should contain all the contact information in order to facilitate communication between clients and the company.

2) Fonts

The fonts chosen for a bi-fold must combine readability with elegance and style, given that, for example, unlike flyers, the bi-folds are the pieces of longer useful life and keeping (e.g. they are used as catalogs). Thus, in addition to opting for clearly legible fonts, it is essential to select a font that fully represents your corporate identity.


3) Images

For a bi-fold to make the best impression and to be a piece of great appeal, it is imperative that it relies on quality photos and /or illustrations. In addition to including images of products and services (as a kind of a catalog), it is important to display images of the company’s facilities and staff. Another option is to choose more general and metaphorical images that represent the spirit of an organization. The logo, for its part, has to be there.

4) Panels or sides

It is important that the panels are perceived as a unity. The front panel should have everything to draw attention and make the recipients read inside: a thought-provoking and easily remembered phrase, an attractive image, the corporate logo, the company name and the graphic elements of great visual impact. On the reverse side all the company data (phone number, email address, fax number, office hours, etc.) should be displayed.

Interior panels should keep the aesthetics of external panels. In addition to organizing the content clearly and simply, it is essential to include lines, images, colors, backgrounds, bullets and other components that help to make a communicative and attractive bi-fold, representing corporate values.

5) Colors

At BROCHURE-DESIGNERS.NET we recommend ordering full color bi-folds, since it is an affordable alternative, which ensures excellent results. The use of corporate colors will help the public to retain them in their memory, so that a company can be easily recognized. However, it should be noted that it is crucial to avoid the saturation and indiscriminate use of colors. An effective design is always based on the principle of simplicity. If you want to cut costs, you can make good monochrome or black-and-white bi-fold designs. The number of colors, thus, depends on the needs and the budget of every company.

6) Folding

The bi-folds are usually folded in half like a book. But there are other ways of folding, according to the specific design requirements. They can be folded diagonally or straight, but not down the middle. Both folding and design can be thought of vertically or horizontally.

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